The position of any country in this world is increasingly determined by its capacity to create new products and services. For any creative act one needs to be innovative both socially and economically. In context of emerging markets, the long-term growth and sustainability depends on the preparedness of small and medium entrepreneurs in that country to acquire knowledge and to be able to use the results of innovation and new information. Keeping in view these prospects, the theme of ICMR2020 is “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Era of Digitalization”.

This conference will provide exceptional networking opportunities for researchers, business leaders, bankers, chief learning officers, HR directors, civil society representatives, governmental and leaders of international agencies, business school heads, from regions including Pakistan, Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the USA. Moreover, we look forward to public, private, and international organizations partnership in promoting Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Digitalization. We eagerly look forward to your participation in the 11th ICMR-2020.
We encourage academics and business practitioners to submit their research in the following areas.


1. IT and digitalization
2. Organization’s Performance
3. Business excellence core values and concepts
4. Machine engineering and Big data
5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
6. Innovation models and drivers
7. Collaborative idea generation and creativity
8. Sustainability and service-dominant logic
9. Creative reasoning and decision making
10. New trends and structural changes in the economies of emerging market countries
11. Digital marketing as an area of innovations
12. Logistics decision making in crisis management

13. Disruptive innovation
14. Strategic and project Management
15. Venture financing
16. Human resource management in the context of open innovation
17. Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies
18. Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Education
19. Networks and entrepreneurship
20. Strategic innovation in emerging markets
21. Future of logistics in emerging markets
22. Visionary leadership
23. Agility
24. Managing for innovation
25. Societal responsibility
26. Leadership and governance
27. Process improvement
28. Accounting and finance
29. Behavioral Finance
30. Education and research
31. Managing Diversity in Business
32. Marketing interventions for sustainability
33. Creative business models and conflict resolution
34. Islamic Economics & Finance
35. Islamic Corporate Social Responsibilities
36. Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
37. Islamic Business Laws
38. Islamic Business / Entrepreneurship
39. Islamic Capital and Financial Markets


Open to all researchers, practitioners and Ph.D. candidates with an interest in Digitalization.


Paper may be written in the form of article ranging from 10 to 15 pages. We welcome researchers at various levels and from all the disciplines within the social sciences.