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Knowledge Track - Faculty Training

Training the Entrepreneurship Educators

Entrepreneurship Education (EE) is different than traditional teaching in its scope, pedagogies, and desired outcomes. While traditional education aspires to equip students with knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (i.e., Learning process prescribed by Bloom’s taxonomy), EE aims to bring a paradigm shift in thinking processes of the learners and developing “entrepreneurial ways of thinking and acting” among them. The outcome of EE are the graduates who are opportunity seeker, risk taker, creative and innovative, and socially responsible.

Research suggests that two-fold role of entrepreneurship teacher includes acting as role model for students, and mastering the unique, contextually informed, and innovative teaching pedagogies. The teachers should, therefore, have positive orientation towards entrepreneurship, and an ability to inspire, encourage and enable students to think differently and act courageously.

The objective of this training session is to facilitate entrepreneurial educators to reflect on their own thinking patterns (i.e., metacognition) in terms of the positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, and embrace an orientation that is needed to spark entrepreneurial thinking among students. The session will provide an opportunity to current and aspiring entrepreneurship teachers to reflect and learn (1) why is it important for entrepreneurial educators to have a positive orientation towards entrepreneurship? and (2) how can entrepreneurship educators transform thinking patterns of students?

Trainer  Description 

Mr. S.M Imran

CEO Din Textile Former President, Entrepreneurship Organization – Pakistan Former Voice Chairman, Lahore Development Authority