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Prof. Dr. Sumaira Rehman
Rector Superior University

Patron's Message

The dynamics, including opportunities and challenges, for entrepreneurs and humanity’s collective efforts for sustainability have drastically changed during the pandemic. As world is settling down with Covid 19, a new normal is emerging for entrepreneurship and sustainability. This year, ICMR’s focus will be on exploring, sharing and furthering knowledge about these dynamics. Accordingly, the theme for ICMR 2022 will be “Entrepreneurial and Sustainability Prospects in Post Pandemic World”.

I am sure this conference will go a long way in forwarding an intellectual and academic debate on the emerging entrepreneurial opportunities and way forward for a sustainable growth.

Dr. Sami Ullah Bajwa
Dean Faculty of Business & Management Sciences

Dean's Message

We could not see the pandemic coming, despite our longstanding history of encountering viruses and plagues at regular intervals of time. Throughout the human history, pandemics have caused havocs, but at the same time initiated and promoted intellectual, economic and political revolutions. Similarly, post Covid 19 world will be different for countries, companies, and individuals. There will be unique opportunities for entrepreneurial activity in an increasingly connected and interdepended world. We should better be geared up to capitalize on them. At the same time, the pandemic has once again highlighted the ever biggest collective challenge being faced by the world: sustainability. There are mounting concerns that any further neglect or half-hearted efforts towards sustainability could easily prove far more consequential than Covid 19. We can see that coming; and it is opportune that we expedite our efforts to combat it. In this backdrop, the 13th ICMR will provide a platform to entrepreneurs, scholars, academicians, government officials, and policy experts to have an evidence-based debate on prospects of entrepreneurial opportunities and sustainability challenges in post Covid 19 world.

Conference Themes

The theme for ICMR 2022 will be “Entrepreneurial and Sustainability Prospects in Post Pandemic World”. Manuscripts, including research papers and case studies, around the following sub-themes are welcomed:

    1. Challenges, opportunities, and readiness of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
    2. Transformation in the aftermath of turbulent times
    3. Design thinking for innovation
    4. Digital disruption and transformation
    5. Innovation in start-ups and SMEs
    6. Triple bottom line (Environmental, economic and social sustainability)
    7. Innovation platforms, ecosystems and supply chains
    8. Climate change – risks and opportunities for entrepreneurs and the role of governments and civil society
    9. Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    10. Innovation in health, tourism, and service sectors
    11. 21st Century skills for succeeding in global gig economy
    12. Innovation training, teaching and coaching
    13. Responsible and Social innovation
    14. Role of entrepreneurship in poverty alleviation and sustainable development
    15. Building smart cities
    16. Business ethics
    17. Artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation
    18. Green technology and renewable energy

Keynote Speakers


Dr Diliara Mingazova


Dr. Bidayatul Akmal


Dr. Deniz Dirik


Dr. Derek Watson


Dr. Emir Ozeren


Dr. Nur Syafiqah


Dr. Server Devil


Dr. Zahra


Prof. Dr. Jessica

Knowledge Tracks

Progress, Challenges, and Prospects of China Pakistan Economic Corridor

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has largely been construed as game changer for Pakistan’s economy ...

Need and Way forward for Indigenizing Entrepreneurial Education

The critics argue that the discourse of Entrepreneurial Education is beset by intellectual colonialism where core knowledge ...

Disruptive Factors Leading to Digital Transformation

Advancements in bio-tech and info-tech are redefining the very essence of the human society. We are witnessing unprecedented pace in technological ...

Training the Entrepreneurship Educators

Entrepreneurship Education (EE) is different than traditional teaching in its scope, pedagogies, and desired outcomes.



Dr. Shazia Nauman,
HOD Management Sciences, Riphah University, Lahore Campus


Dr. Rubnawaz Lodhi
Punjab University, Pakistan


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naveed
Professor – Department of Organization, Management and Human Resources ESSCA School of Management, France


Dr. Farhan A. Sheikh
NED, Karachi, Pakistan

Publication Opportunity​

ICMR 2022 is excited to announce that selected full papers may get a possible publication opportunity in the partner international Scopus and web of sciences indexed journals and conference proceedings with ISSN number. The paper quality is judged based on the current relevance of the subject matter, quality of research work, quality of reporting and quality of decision making and conclusions. ICMR 2022 scientific committee will connect and recommend authors to respective editors identifying suitability of the papers within the scope and area of the prestigious journals.

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Conference Fees

Local Students

PKR 3000

Local Faculty

PKR 5000

International Students

USD 150

International Faculty

USD 300


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