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Tourism Forum: Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Tourism Sector

Tourism is a potent economic driver with vast untapped potential in many regions, including Pakistan. To harness this potential, we propose the creation of a dynamic and inclusive "Tourism Forum" that will serve as a platform for engaging entrepreneurs and experts from the tourism industry. This forum will facilitate dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, focusing on entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges within the tourism value chain.

We are excited to announce a special two-hour session as part of 14th ICMR, dedicated to the vibrant world of tourism entrepreneurship. The "Tourism Forum" will be an engaging and insightful gathering of entrepreneurs and industry experts, offering a platform to explore entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges within the tourism value chain.

Tourism Policy Dialogue: Tourism Potential, Challenges and Policy Reforms

Tourism holds the potential to emerge as a formidable force in Pakistan's economic development, capitalizing on the country's diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and historical treasures that can captivate tourists from around the world. However, Pakistan's tourism sector grapples with a myriad of challenges, including security concerns, infrastructure limitations, inadequate marketing efforts, regulatory complexities, and sustainability issues.

This panel discussion aims to meticulously dissect these challenges and, more importantly, pinpoint strategic opportunities for policy intervention. The overarching objective is to chart a course toward sustainable tourism in Pakistan by formulating policies that enhance security, revamp infrastructure, streamline regulations, promote effective international marketing, and harmonize economic growth with environmental and cultural preservation, thus unlocking the sector's full potential and enriching the nation's economic landscape.

Tourism Documentary Show: Exploring Pakistan's Tourism Sector

We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of the "Documentary Show" as a central and enriching component of the 14th International Conference on Management Research (ICMR). This carefully curated showcase is poised to provide attendees with an enthralling window into Pakistan's dynamic and multifaceted tourism sector through a thoughtfully selected collection of documentaries.

We cordially invite you to be part of this compelling two-hour session, which guarantees to be not only informative but also deeply inspiring. This cinematic journey is designed to educate and immerse you in the myriad facets that define Pakistan's rich tourism landscape, illuminating its beauty, potential, and transformative impact.

Your participation will contribute to a celebration of the nation's remarkable cultural heritage and natural wonders, and we look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you.